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Process & Benefits.


"Land Development is not easy.

The process from initial conceptions to a finished built environment is complex, expensive and time consuming. Davie Lovell-Smith Ltd pride themselves on understanding this full process, the common pitfalls and innovative solutions required to ensure a successful project.


This is achieved through a fully in-house interactive approach between our Surveyors, Planners and Engineers, combined with a long history of background knowledge of land conditions, ownerships, and Local Authorities. Davie Lovell-Smith is assisted by a variety of local consultants and contractors who are specifically selected and engaged to carry out specialist roles within the process.


The relationships with these sub-consultants are long and trusted and provides the client with flexibility to use personnel who are best suited for the particular project. Davie Lovell-Smith believe in a collaborative approach to development and work hard to maintain relationships between Clients, Council and Contractors. Its been working well for nearly 150 years”


~ Andy Hall | Engineering Director

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